Philipsburg, the main town in Sint Maarten

the main town in Sint Maarten

Philipsburg is the main town in Sint Maarten and the country's capital. The town is located on a narrow stretch of land between the Gulf and the large salt pond. It is considered the commercial center of the island, including Sint Maarten  which includes the southern half. A population of 1,338 people.

 The main town in Sint Maarten

Saint Martin is actually on the to the north side and is regulated by the French federal government. the best dining places and celebration seashores are located on this part. The official foreign currency on this component is actually Euro. it really is ruled through the Guadeloupe tropical isle and also offers immediate rendering in Paris. Marigot may be the capital and primary city of this particular spend a totally European feel. right here you will discover numerous high end dining and buying choices. Marigot, that is located on the island's main to the west coastline, features a marina where ferries ply to/from St. Barths, Anguilla or some other Caribbean island destinations. The great Case region, that is located to the north of Marigot, may be the greatest attraction for the visitors. this particular second-largest town of St. Martin is actually known as the "Dining Capital of the Caribbean". aside from premium dining, the energetic artwork picture additionally thrives at great situation.

The island was discovered the first time by Christopher Columbus on November 11, 1493, but there was already arawak there before discovering her. Founded in 1763 by by Philipsburg John Phillips, the Scottish captain in the Dutch navy; quickly became a noisy hub for international trade settlement. Owns two historic forts bear witness to the importance of the strategy.

You will find the main shopping area, in Front Street, in the heart of the city. Philipsburg also has a place which is visited by many cruise ships and Celebrity ships.

It became famous in the world to shoot close-up photographs and because of its proximity to the aircraft when landing at Princess Juliana International Airport, west of Philipsburg, for many tourists, this is the main reason for their visit to the region.
Because of the short runway and the aircraft on the runway, which must fly at low altitudes unusually, on the nearby beach.

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